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Zhang Ya's Profile


2004.10.10 Moshan Hill, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China2004.9.20 Mansudae Hill, Pyongyang City, North Korea
My Album
Basic Info
Full name: Zhang Ya
Gender: Male
Nationality: Han
Birth Date: July 7, 1979
Height: 163cm
Body weight: 65kg
Marital Status: Single and looking for love and marriage My speech for making friends
Academic credentials: Undergraduate course
Speciality: Chinese
Spoken Languages: Chinese English Japanese Korean
Occupation: SOHO (network, consulting, advertisement,etc.)
Address: 31-1-301, Section 10, Changqinghuayuan(evergreen garden) Community, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Postcode: 430023
Company: Korea Fan Workroom
Tel: +86-27-83925145
Fax: +852-30105441
Native in Wuhan. Joined the Chinese Communist Party in April 2001. Graduated from the speciality of Chinese Language and Literature Education of Hubei University in July 2001. From July 2001 to November 2002, make secretarial's work at the office of Huizhou Entry&Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Left office and returned to Wuhan and began to become self-imployed in November 2002. In February 2003, Set up Korea Fan Workroom, devoted to China- Korea N.(DPRK)- Korea S.(ROK)- Vietnam- Japan (Chinese character cultural Sphere) exchanges the network platform construction of the cause, and seek various kinds of cooperative chances. Assumed office as Sohu's classified search part-time editor from July of 2003.
Zhang Ya in Huizhou (2001.7-2002.11)

My Open Letter To Comrade Kim Jong Il(01/03/14)
Review "Kim Il Sung Reminiscences" (98/01)
Kim Il Sung and Yang Jingyu (00/09/08)
Talk about the literature value that Kim Il Sung Reminiscences "With the Century" (01/06)
The individual character is inclined to
Sport liked: Run, walk fast, chin , push-up.
Books liked: <<East travel notes >>,"Dead Souls"," Lu Xun's complete works " ," Dream of the Red Chamber " ,"The Ordinary World" ," impetuous " ," ancient ship ".
Electronic magazine that is often read: " forum on making the country prosperous " of www.people.com.cn ," Japan's trends" ," IT trends", international " U.S.A. consult", office of information,, the State Council of U.S.A.,, Taiwan central broadcasting station electronic newspaper, " Nikkei BP society's every day news ".
Movie & TV liked: "Superconduct" "Tokyo Love Story" ,"Now and Then, Here and There" ,"Angelic Layer".
Music liked: Light music, national song, country music.
Famous person liking it: Deng Xiaoping, Peng Dehuai, Engels, Lai Ning, Miyazaki Hayao, Takahata Isao.
Other hobbies: The girl, the literature and history is wise, foreign language, culture spreads, writing, collect stamps, DV.
Account in one's own words of the personality : Like thinking , have deep love for creating, have the courage to bring forth new ideas . There are strong sense of justice and extreme honesty, understand the subtlety without building the subtlety, a definitely uncompromising perfect doctrine person. Do things conscientiously , willing to work in unison to tide over difficulties, do not fear the singles to struggle against alone . Finally, keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks to one of undertaking that oneself assert, can confuse for change around basically, constantly it is the self- to keep and not the stable and flat with psychological condition.
Motto : Devote myself to truth. Believe myself.
         Rest on it draw sword view the blue sea, oblique to insert lotus drunk precious jade platform.
Online whereabouts
Nickname: 一业(yiye1) 朝鲜迷(Korea Fan)
Homepage: SinoKorea SinoVietnam SinoJapan Error Report
Email: i@zhangya.gq
ICQ: 150906864 MSN: yiye0@hotmail.com

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