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A Colletion of Christian music from around the World


Lord, I'm Coming Home

1. Introduction 00:48

2. "Se, Jag Vill Bära Ditt Budskap," (Lord I Want to Carry Your Message)
The Youth Choir Evangelicum --Finland 2:12

3. "Dime Donde Esta El Amor," (Tell Me Where the Love is)
Dexter Enrique Reyes --Panama 3:25

4. "Pilgrim's Song,"
Tõnis Mägi --Estonia 4:23

5. "Parast Elamaa," (The Best of Life)
The Road --Finland 3:43

6. "Formula for Love,"
Bongkote Thitakamol --Thailand 3:35

7. "Festa da Vida," (Festival of Life)
Centalhas Missionary Group --Brazil 3:48

8. "Vykupitel Zije," (The Saviour Lives)
--Slovakia 3:07

9. "Alleluia,"
Lutheran Meida Ministry Choir --Uganda 2:12

10. "Huomenna," (Tomorrow)
The Road --Finland 3:44

11. "Buscas e Caminhos," (Quests and Ways)
Centalhas Missionary Group --Brazil 3:50

12. "Riemuvousi," (The Year of Joy)
The Road & Acasia Choir --Finland 4:34

13. "Wisset lhr Nicht," (Do You Not Know)
The Chamber Choir Gloria,  Conducted by Margo Kõlar --Estonia 3:59

14. "Guds Ande Mig Bevara," (Holy Spirit, Preserve Me in Faith)
The Youth Choir Evangelicum --Finland 2:56

15. "The Churches' Bells Ring,"
S. Koroteeva, Boris Sokolov --Russia 3:01

16. "One A Day,"
Sean Daniel --Jamaica 6:07

17. "Lord, I'm Coming Home,"
Lutheran Media Ministry Choir --Uganda 4:47

We at Lutheran Hour Ministries hope you enjoy this music and will take the time to learn more about the ministry, the music and musicians on the CD by going to our Web site at www.lhmint.org/cdinfo.


All content on this CD is used by permission of the performers or their representatives.


Produced By Lutheran Hour Ministries

Producers: Gerald Sonnenberg, Lorri Hilmer, Sandra Christian

Cover Design: Gerald Sonnenberg

Recording Engineer: Dick Grady

Narrator: Mark Eischer


Copyright © 2000 Int'l LLL

Coming home, coming home,

Nevermore to roam,

Open wide Thine arms of love,

Lord, I'm coming home.

--William james Kirkpatrick


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